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    We strive to provide excellent and sustainable services
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    Handy House is an approved Plascon stockist carrying a full range of products for all applications.
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The Handy House was founded in June 1981 by its current owner Simmy Herman. From its humble beginnings, Simmy has proudly grown the store into a reputable brand, turning it into a hardware emporium. The Handy House boasts a proud history filled with passion and enthusiasm.

The Handy House was started in a small corner shop in Klerksdorp with only a handful of personnel.

A devastating fire in 1987 burnt down the original Handy House. A few drastic measures needed to be put in place to ensure that the business bravely marched on. One of these was to move the entire business operations to a nearby house until the new premises were rebuilt.

2010- 2011 saw the completion of a bigger, better and more improved building. This new, modern structure now provides ample space for parking and warehouses.

The Handy House with Simmy Herman at the helm is now a well- established well recognized business.

The company is currently involved in a wide range of projects in many organizations ranging from the mining, industrial, service and public sectors to individual people.

Our myriad of customers include mining companies, building contractors, electricians, plumbers and of course the DIY enthusiasts. The Handy House offers a high quality and a wide range of services to the mining industry.

We strive to obtain the best products at the lowest prices from our suppliers.

Brand philosophy of success is:

Work, create, sustain and look forward to a bright future