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    We strive to provide excellent and sustainable services
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    Handy House is an approved Plascon stockist carrying a full range of products for all applications.
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Buy Blankets for your Geyser

By insulating the geyser against normal heat loss through the steel casing, the geyser blanket keeps your hot water hot for longer – meaning your geyser won’t come on as often , thereby saving you energy and money.

Because hot water electricity use comprises around 40% of a typical households consumption, it is important to reduce heat losses in this area. Often geyser water temperature will drop by 1 degree C per hour, so constant energy is needed to maintain the temperature. This blanket can cut this energy use by half. It is not fiberglass, so is easily installed without mess. Thus the geyser blanket ensures a substantial saving both financially and environmentally for each household.

The Geyser Blanket – Another step in your saving energy strategy.

Installing the geyser blanket properly is the key to achieving the true potential that this product offers. Ensuring it is wrapped properly and secured is critical and if you are a handyman adept, this should not be a problem. It is also recommended that you insulate the hot water pipes as well to increase the energy saving and reduce heat loss through the hot water pipe system.

By effective insulation, the geyser blanket ‘wraps’ your geyser in a thermal insulated cover and , like you in winter with your blankets wrapped around to keep warm , the geyser blanket does the same.

The Geyser Blanket – What’s it made of?

A Geyser blanket is made of various insulation materials, the most common being  fiberglass. Virgin fiber wool, and two-ply polyester and bonded polypropylene  have also been manufactured and used. Geyser blankets can come in 50 or 75  mm thicknesses, on up to 100 to 150 mm thick, for larger units.  A reflective aluminum foil encases the insulation layers; its design causes  radiant heat to be reflected back and contained within the geyser unit.

You could also use other energy efficient products like solar geysers or solar water heaters to increase your savings even more.

As an addition to your energy saving strategy , offer you another way to save energy and money every month.